Stirling Creamery Brand - Butter Unsalted (454g)


Creamy aroma, rich and silky mouth-feel, and a fresh, pure buttery flavour. Creamy, mild and top-rated in Saveur Magazine's "World's 30 Great Butters" list. The ideal baking butter for shortbread cookies, pie crusts, pastries and cakes, or used in sauces, sautéing and pan frying.

Pale yellow and smooth.
Stirling Creamery has been taking butter seriously since 1925. They use local, sweet cream, coupled with the talents of their Master Butter Maker and artisanal know-how, to make what Saveur Magazine calls " of the World's 30 Great Butters."
Refrigerate for 6 - 8 weeks or freeze for up to 12 months. Store away from products where flavours transfer easily.