St Brigid's Dairy - Beef Pepperettes "Snack Stix" Hot - 130g


Made from grass-fed Jersey Cows using traditional fermenting and smoking methods. 
Product is shelf-stable without any fillers, binders and containing as few additives as possible. 

Ingredients: beef, maple syrup, salt, pepper, sodium nitrite, garlic, sodium eythorbate, bacterial culture, natural wood smoke


St. Brigid's Dairy Ltd. is a family run seasonal organic dairy farm.  Their cows enjoy fresh pasture whenever it is available from early spring to late fall and they are dedicated to bringing you delicious grass fed products.  

In 2009 Bill began building a dairy barn on already owned organic land, cows were purchased and their first organic milk shipment was made in the spring of 2010. 

When the cows reach their best production they are outside on pasture, eating the fresh spring, summer and autumn grass in a rotational grazing system. 

In 2016 as there were no approved grass-fed standards for Canada yet, and Bill decided to create the pasture verified label.