Spirit Tree Cider - Variety Pack ( 4 x 473ml)(*alcohol delivery charge)


*There is a regulated delivery charge in Ontario for the delivery of alcohol. Your total delivery fee will be increased by $6.00 if you have alcohol as part of your order.


The light carbonation of this remarkably refreshing cider awakens your senses to experience a sweet, fresh apple flavour with hints of caramel and orange. With a creamy yeasty lager aroma, this cider is brewed onsite from 100% freshly pressed apple juice slowly fermented in our cellar.

4% ABV

Dry Hopped Cider

Crafted from cider produced from our own apples, paired with locally grown Ontario hops. Our cider is dry hopped for the perfect amount of time to extract the unique characteristics of the hops resulting in a harmonious balance of hops and cider

6.9% ABV

Pear (Perry) Cider

Our sparkling hard pear cider is made from a blend of sun ripened fresh Ontario pears carefully sourced from local orchards. Brewed onsite and slowly aged in our cellar. Bright and elegant, our Pear Cider is crisp and slightly sweet. 

6% ABV

Peachy Pear

This summer feature cider has a sweet pear taste with a hint of cinnamon. It's delicious over ice served with a charcuterie board or with a jerk chicken sandwich.

6% ABV