Spirit of York - Vodka (750ml) (*alcohol delivery charge)


*There is a regulated delivery charge in Ontario for the delivery of alcohol. Your total delivery fee will be increased by $6.00 if you have alcohol as part of your order.


When gathering with friends to raise a glass and say cheers, let Spirit of York help you to raise them a little higher. Reassuringly premium, they are committed to raising expectations. They start by using only 100% Ontario grown Rye, a specially sourced strain of distiller’s yeast and crystal-clear water from the township of Springwater, Ontario – the purest water in Ontario.

Spirit of York's Vodka has an amazingly pure aroma and their flavour is the result of the grain-to-glass, small batch, single distillation process. By controlling the process grain-to-glass they're able to uphold our high-standards throughout. And by distilling just once, we’re able to create an incredibly pure Vodka infused with flavour.

Their Premium Vodka is distilled down to its very purest form and its very essence – the “heart” of the liquid as distillers refer to it, which is then aerated for a minimum of 21-days. With subtle nuttiness, and hints of spice and butter, their Vodka is unlike any other. A difference that becomes abundantly clear with just one sip. Reassuringly distinctive, it satisfies the tastes of even the most discriminating Vodka lover.

Made In:Ontario, Canada