Rummo Pasta - Conchiglie - 500g

Obviously inspired by the sea, Conchiglie Rigate is appreciated for its ability to hold every type of sauce and ingredient. It’s exquisite with broccoli and crumbled pecorino wafers.

Cooks in 12 minutes.

Rummo believes that pasta is the culture of their country, Italy. So they respect that very Italian pleasure of eating well, the well-known regional traditions and the lesser-known local delicacies. With Lenta Lavorazione®, an exclusive method which produces a peerless pasta, they want to tell the story of a voyage of rediscovery of the time of the artisan, epitomized by attention to detail. Rummo has been a leader in fine Italian pastas for over 160 years. This pasta has been created with care and now is available to you!