Quinoa Bowl - Village Juicery (300g)


*Please note that Village Juicery items are not available for purchase between the hours of 2pm-4pm on Sundays due to supplier operating hours. They can be ordered at any other time through Monday-Sunday.*

Quinoa, grilled mushrooms (or other seasonal vegetables), green kale, sunflower seeds, hemp hearts, lemon juice, olive oil, sea salt

Hello! I’m one of our fresh, delicious, and made from scratch salads that is prepared daily with nothing but whole, organic, plant-based ingredients and a little love.

Whatever you find inside, I’ve always been made to put nutrition first. From the ingredients sourced to how they are prepared, every recipe has been designed by a nutritionist to provide a balanced dose of daily nourishment without compromise.

Served with: Lemon Herb Dressing. Lemon Juice*, Orange Juice*, Parsley*, Olive Oil* and Sea Salt* (*=Organic Ingredients)