La Bastille Bakery - Multigrain Boule (700g)


A round loaf of multigrain bread.


Ingredients: Flour, water, whole grain wheat flour, bread, multigrain (includes whole-grain), salt, yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae)


After graduating from the Jean Ferrandi Culinary School in Paris, France, Martial worked for over ten years in bakeries along the Champs Elysées. Bringing his varied knowledge of fine pastries, Viennoise and artisanal breads to Toronto, Martial developed unique pastry and bread recipes for bakeries around the city, including Le Comptoir de Celestin and Petite Thuet.

For more than five years, Martial enjoyed passing on his skills and passion to students in traditional bread and pastry courses, at George Brown College. He also co-developed the Post-Graduate Advanced French Pastry program, at George Brown College.

Today, Martial has combined a passion for recipe development with a vigorous production facility. The results have allowed La Bastille to fill a void in the Wholesale Baking Industry, providing superior quality products in bulk quantities.