Farm'r - Veggie Mac & Cheese


The Story: This will please any group, everyone loves mac & cheese! Along with the deliciousness, there’s a small guilt some of us feel when eating mac & cheese. So in our version we’ve added kale and butternut squash. Our veggie version is classic comfort food and always a popular choice. The kale gives a nice crispy crunch when baked in the oven and the butternut squash is a smooth sweet flavour that combines with the cheese beautifully.

Ingredients: kale, butternut squash, mozzarella, aged cheddar, whole milk, butter, onion, garlic, thyme, parmesan, kosher salt, black pepper, whole wheat flour, durum wheat semolina, parsley

Heating Instructions: Bake at 375°F/191°C 20-25 minutes (defrosted) or 50-60 minutes (from frozen)

Portion: 1,010g package, arrives frozen. Serves 3-4 people.

Dietaries: vegetarian