Dillon's - Dry Gin 7 (750ml) (*alcohol delivery charge)


*There is a regulated delivery charge in Ontario for the delivery of alcohol. Your total delivery fee will be increased by $6.00 if you have alcohol as part of your order.



Gin 7 was specifically engineered by Q to ensure a happier Bond at the Baccarat table. The result is a smooth sophisticated “London-er” that’s hit the country for the weekend. Perfection for the classic G&T and a jolly joy to the dry martini — just wave the white vermouth over this gin as it’s all you’ll need to sharpen your ‘cheerio!’

Gold Medal – 2015 Distilled San Diego Spirit & Cocktail Competition
Best of Division & Best of Show – 2015 Distilled San Diego Spirit & Cocktail Competition
Silver Medal – 2017 New York International Spirits Competition
Silver Medal – 2016 San Francisco World Spirits Competition

local rye base, fresh botanicals, this over-proofed dry gin is a classic.

Made In:Ontario, Canada