Henderson's - Hazy Session IPA with Grapefruit & Lime (6 x 473ml)(*alcohol delivery charge)


*There is a regulated delivery charge in Ontario for the delivery of alcohol. Your total delivery fee will be increased by $6.00 if you have alcohol as part of your order.

This is the third brew with the Society of Beer Drinking Ladies! #Brew0003 is a bright, fruit-forward, highly drinkable light IPA at 4% abv. You'll smell fresh lime and grapefruit along with citrus oil and ripe melon. The taste is a big citrus flavour up front followed by a bright fruitiness, touch of bitterness and a herbaceous note. The addition of oats and wheat make it soft and almost creamy on the palate, encouraging another sip. It'll be your new summer favourite!

The SOBDL was founded in early 2014 and is now the largest organization for women and beer community in North America. We host large-scale ‘bevies’ and Lady Beer Festivals regularly in Toronto, Ottawa & Hamilton. We also host beer dinner events, have ‘Good Tap’ charity draught taps at our favourite restaurants, sell our swag online and brew monthly collaboration small-batch beers at breweries around Ontario.

4% abv. 473ml/tall can.

Tax & deposits included in price.